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Heilmoorbad Neydharting.

Heilmoor Neydharting

Positive moor ingredients are found in a unique composition in the Neydharting healing moor.

Because only there can you find this particular moor bouquet of the various plants typical of the area, which only grow in Neydharting in this composition, and of various minerals and trace elements.

This moor has been gathering its strength for more than 30,000 years, never dried up or used for agriculture, known as a spa for almost 700 years.

Our bestseller

Human line

The Vital Bath from the medicinal moor Neydharting, a bath additive for the preparation of a full bath with medicinal moor suspended matter, leaves it up to you to choose the temperature that is most comfortable for you.

Veterinary line

Natural moor has been known for its healing power for thousands of years. Its miraculous healing properties are instinctively known to animals. Injured deer were observed wallowing in moor pools. It was they who first gave humans the idea of using the healing power of the natural active substances of the moor for themselves. Ancient and unadulterated: The Neydharting Moor.

Wellness line

The active ingredients of over 400 herbs that have been concentrated in the Neydharting fen for 30,000 years (the so-called bog bouquet) and are completely contained in the pure natural products from Neydharting.