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Vital bath from the medicinal moor

Taking a bath is the best way to relax. You feel light, your muscles relax, your skin becomes soft. How wonderful it feels to be able to do something so pleasantly against your little aches and pains (like sore muscles) – and even against the big ones!

Positive properties

The Vital Bath from the medicinal moor Neydharting, a bath additive for the preparation of a full bath with medicinal moor suspended substances, leaves it up to you to choose the temperature that is most pleasant for you. It works through the many dissolved and finely distributed organic substances that relieve pain and also improve internal inflammatory processes because they can penetrate the skin. An ideal therapy for sports injuries.

Neydharting Heilmoor Vital Bad purifies, thus helps the body with metabolism, constant renewal and refreshment of the body as well as the elimination of toxins that would otherwise be deposited in organs and joints.

Vital Baths from Neydharting

Vitality baths have a positive influence on the mobility of the joints, alleviate the development of arthrosis, calcification and stiffening of the limbs. The Neydharting Vital Bath can even alleviate and heal rheumatic complaints and all chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system – a pleasant, natural alternative to medicines, and without any side effects.

For targeted pain relief, you can also apply Neydharting Heilmoor Vital packs, which have an intensive local effect and allow all the active ingredients collected in Neydharting Heilmoor to penetrate deep into the muscle and connective tissue.

Heilmoor Neydharting GesichtsmaskeAs a cosmetic skin pack, the healing moor soothes and refreshes. Neydharting Moor Bouquet, can even make small wrinkles disappear again and smoothes the skin. According to the recommendation of Dr. M. A. Kavan, specialist in medical cosmetics, a healing moor Neydharting face mask has: “… beneficial effect in the face, neck and neck area …”.
The astringent effect and thus blood circulation promotion keeps the skin young and fresh. Humic acids improve the physical properties of collagens, the building materials of body tissue, and the skin becomes firmer and tighter. The anti-inflammatory substances of the healing moor Neydharting can also fight skin impurities. Dr. Kavan again: “… I am convinced of the effectiveness of the healing moor Neydharting through my many years of experience”.

However, all cosmetic effects are mainly due to the interaction of the water-soluble substances contained in the medicinal peat, such as minerals, trace elements, humic acids, humic substances and hormone-like substances.

The fact that vitality baths from the Neydharting medicinal moor also stimulate the immune system, keeping the whole body active and healthy, makes applications with this medicinal moor a fountain of youth.

Neydharting Healing Moor Vital Suspended Matter Baths stimulate the self-regulation of the body, exert an effect on the nervous system via the autonomic nervous system

internal organs and thus create a balance (for traditional Chinese medicine, this has been the essence of health for thousands of years) that first needs to be re-established, especially for women in puberty, during menstruation or in the menopause. And they have a demonstrable effect on glands, strengthen the existing trogenic substances, hormone production is stimulated.

This, together with the blood vessels dilated by the healing moor vital baths, results in increased fertility and more desire for sex – for women as well as for men: a general increase in libido and potency could be observed in both female and male test subjects! Many gynaecologists are convinced that these substances from the moor help the Hormone balance of the female organism positively: “Oestrogens produced by the body are always preferable to chemically replicated ones”.

Vitality baths from the Neydharting medicinal moor also regulate the menstrual cycle, inflammations of the female sexual apparatus are treated with it, and they have a relaxing effect on menstrual cramps. All this was already suspected almost 200 years ago when Neydharting was recommended as a “women’s bath”. And this is proven by a balneological assessment for the medicinal moor vital suspension bath of Neydharting by Prof. Claus Goecke (1991).

The healing moor also unfolds its beneficial effects when drunk. Doctors recommended it as a drinking cure as early as 1840. This is because the medicinal moor of Neydharting contains many natural substances that protect the mucous membranes in the digestive tract.

Through physical and biochemical mechanisms of action, these substances from the medicinal peat are also absorbed through the intestinal wall. Science has not yet been able to find a clear explanation for this,

but the

Efficacy has been confirmed time and again in practice, as in extensive clinical case studies by Univ.-Prof. Dr. St. Greif and Prim. Dr. I. Kallus. In these studies, a large number of patients reported favourable effects of the medicinal peat drinking cure on the symptoms of gastritis, inflammation of the gastric mucosa, inflammation of the dysphagus and inflammation of the stomach.
inflammation of the duodenum, stomach and duodenal ulcers.

In his evaluation of the Neydharting medicinal moor drinking cure, Dr. Marktl also mentions these case studies by Dr. Greif and Dr. Kallus, which show that pain relief and even freedom from pain occur relatively quickly with a medicinal moor drinking cure – so quickly that it is recommended to continue the cure even after the symptoms have been relieved, in order to really heal the inflammation in the stomach.

Many discomforts can be improved or eliminated with a regular sip of Neydharting medicinal moor drinking cure: Discomfort from over-acidification of the gastric juice (heartburn), chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa, duodenal ulcers, stomach ulcers, chronic inflammation of the intestinal wall (enteritis) and iron deficiency conditions.


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