Unique moor

Concentrated healing power of many 1000 years

Research has shown that blossoms, flowers, medicinal herbs, grasses and other plants have been sinking into the healing moor of Neydharting for at least 30.000 years. The moor developed from glacial lakes that became fens through intensive growth. There, a unique variety of pre-alpine vegetation gathered in the dip of the Neydharting basin.


The healing moor Neydharting is
particularly well tolerated.

The plants that thrive lushly at groundwater level sink into the water again (and again) in a constant circle and form the healing moor of Neydharting in a special biological transformation process with its variety of effective ingredients, which Prof. Stöber (†1990) called the “moor bouquet”.  The healing moor of Neydharting contains over four hundred plant species. As a fen, it is a particularly wet moor in which the plant remains piled up at the bottom do not completely decompose, as microorganisms can only work sparsely there. This means that the biological ingredients remain all the more active, as determined in studies that are precisely prescribed in order to be allowed to call a moor “medicinal moor”. This healing moor is particularly effective not only because of its great variety of biological substances, which can unfold their healing effect in interaction, but also because of the rich occurrence of minerals and trace elements, especially iron.

A special feature of the healing moor of Neydharting is also its constant moisture balance: this healing moor has never dried up and died, the power of thousands of years is collected and active

Vital Baths of Neydharting

Time and again, practical experience and expert opinions have proven the clear healing effect of the vitalizing medicinal moor vital baths, the medicinal moor vital packs for diseases of the locomotor system, gynecological ailments and skin irritations, and the medicinal moor drinking cures for disorders of the digestive tract.

And there is another positive effect of the medicinal moor Neydharting in the context of naturopathy: It is particularly well tolerated.